CK's Pokemon Sales


I apologize for the lengthy rules, but having everything clearly written helps me stay organized and helps you, the buyer, know exactly what you are getting into. Please read through everything before proceeding. Thank you. :)

Last Updated: October 26, 2020

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If you have any questions or concerns about the items listed, let me know. :)

My Pokemon Wants List

This post features my Pokemon Merchandise Wants list.

My Terms:
*All items MUST be authentic. I will not pay for bootlegs!
*All items must be in mint/near mint condition. I will not take broken, marked, stained, or heavily damaged items.
*Plushies must be from a smoke-free environment.
*Plushies must have tush tags.

Last Updated: October 24, 2020

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My Victini Plush Collection

This post features my Victini plush collection.
I have written several entries on pkmncollectors about my Pokemon plush collection. You may view them here:
October 26, 2014
November 15, 2015
February 6, 2016

Last Updated: September 20, 2016

victini plushies
Includes (from left to right, back row to front row) Tohoku Pokemon Center plush, lifesize Pokemon Center plush, lifesize Tohoku Pokemon Center plush, talking Takara Tomy plush, Jakks plush, Pokemon Center plush, sleeping Kuttari plush, custom Kagami Mochi plush, 2011 Pokedoll, 2014 Pokedoll, Canvas plush, and awake Kuttari plush.

This post will be updated as my collection is updated. :)

My Pokemon Trading Card Collection

This post features my Pokemon TCG collection. These cards were the first thing I ever collected. I stopped after I got at least one of every Pokemon from the first two generations, but every so often I will buy a few newer cards to add to my collection. :)

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...And of course, my Arceus collection (with a random Dialga and Genesect)! XD

I also have Trainer and Energy cards that I may post later, but this is it for now.
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If You Could Have Pokemon In Real Life...

Just a quick question for anyone who reads this and would like to answer...

If you could have any three Pokemon in real life, which would you choose?

My best friend and I have discussed this question many times before, and while my top 3 favorite Pokemon are Victini, Arceus, and Mewtwo, I don't think I would choose Arceus. Mainly because I can't imagine where I would keep it. A garage is no place for a Pokemon, and I think my neighbors would panic if I left it in the yard. XP

After much thought, I think I would choose:
1. Victini (because it's just so cute and I think the fire element would come in handy)
2. Suicune (because Suicune just has SO much to offer. You can ride it on land and water, it can purify dirty water, and it can create wind gusts. Imagine the possibilities!)
3. Galvantula (I think it would be great to have an electric-type around as a back-up generator, and I'm sure that it would do a good job killing all the pests in my house). XD
Mewtwo would be a close runner-up, but since I chose Victini, the psychic element is already covered. ^^
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Greetings! :)

Hi Everyone,

I am new here, but I have been lurking in the shadows watching some LJ communities for a while now. Finally, I decided that it was about time I join and officially contribute to some of those amazing communities!

Wish me luck! :)
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